Medium Voltage jumpers for Wind application


  • Pre-installed MV Windlink cable Jumper MV Nacelle connection for Windturbine applications
  • Preinstalled windlink cable jumper sets. Installed with Euromold accessories, connector and /or termination up to 42kV.
  • Voltage and partial discharge test in accordance with IEC 60502 – 2 individual documented.

Pre-assempled MV transformer and switchgear connection with Euromold-Products


1.Nacelle connection

With connector and termination up to 42kV


With connector up to 42kV


With connector 24kV



Terminations AFN up to 41,5 kV

- A termination for use outdoors and exposed to prolonged sunshine and other weather conditions
- Provides a simple and quick method of stress relieving on screened polymeric cables

1. An Al or Cu cable lug
2. A watersealing silicone sleeve
3. A silicone housing with sheds and integrated
conductive silicone rubber insert providing stress relief for the cable
4. Watersealing mastic
5. An earthing clamp
6. An earthing lug

 Specifications and standards
Meets the requirements of CENELEC HD 628 S1 & HD 629.1 S1 and IEC 60502-4

 Technical characteristics
The slip-on termination has an electrical performance at least equal to the cable


Interface C Connector Series 440TB

Touch proofed tee connectors P440 TB

Special selected for the customized application
- indoor/outdoor application
- voltage rate up to 41,5 kV
- cable cross section

Interface C
Dimensions according to European
CENELEC EN 50180 and 50181 (in mm)

Separable connector comprising
1. Conductive EPDM insert
2. Conductive EPDM jacket
3. Insulating EPDM layer moulded between the insert and the jacket
4. Type C- 630 A interface as described by CENELEC EN 50180 and 50181.
5. Conductor connector
6. Basic insulating plug (with VD joint
7. Cable reducer
8. Conductive rubber cop.
9. Clamping screw.
10. Earthing lead

The screen break design enables cable outer sheath testing without removing or dismantling the connector

Specifications and standards
The separable connector 440TB meets the requirements of CENELEC HD 629.1

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