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Nexans Power Accessories UK
Electrical cabinets and frames  
HV Electrical cabinets & frames  
LV Electrical Cabinets  
LV Electrical Collective Cabinets  
LV Electrical Individual Cabinets  
Other Electrical cabinets  
MV Electrical cabinets & frames  
Installation material & tools  
Heat-shrink components  
Heat-shrink tubes  
Installation Accessories  
Spare Parts  
Resin & Compounds  
Tools for Cables preparation  
Tools for accessories installation  
Pre-assembled cables  
LV jumpers  
MV jumpers  
LV accessories  
LV Joints  
LV Branch joints  
LV Stop joints  
LV Straight joints  
LV Transition joints  
LV Terminations  
LV Indoor terminations  
LV Outdoor terminations  
MV accessories  
MV Bushings  
Interface A  
Separable connectors and bushings - Interface A  
Interface B  
Separable connectors and bushings - Interface B  
Interface C  
Separable connectors and bushings - Interface C  
Interface D  
Interface E  
Interface F  
MV Connectors, Surge Arrestors  
Interface A  
Interface B  
Interface C  
Interface D  
Separable connectors and bushings - Interface D  
Interface E  
Separable connectors and bushings - Interface E  
Interface F  
MV Joints  
MV Stop Joints  
MV Branch joints  
MV Straight joints  
Cold-shrinkable straight joints  
MV Transition joints  
MV Smart Accessories  
MV Terminations  
MV Indoor Terminations  
Cold applied indoor terminations  
MV Outdoor Terminations  
Cold applied outdoor terminations  
Ferrules and lugs  
Bolted connectors  
Compression cable lugs  
Bimetallic compression cable lugs  
Compression cable lugs, aluminum  
Compression cable lugs, copper  
Compression joints  
Full tension compression joints  
Non-tension compression joints  
Crimped contacts  
Mechanical cable lugs  
Mechanical Cable Lugs up to 52 kV (C-Series)  
Mechanical connectors  
Mechanical Branch Connectors up to 52 kV  
Mechanical Connectors up to 52 kV (M-Series)  
Mechanical Split-Bolt Connectors up to 52 kV  
Additional bolt set for flexible copper conductors class 5  
Other Ferrules and Lugs  
HV accessories  
Oil, Gas and Petrochemical  
Offshore topside & land drilling  
Creating value upstream  
SHIPLINK®- LV/MV power control and instrumentation IEC (NEK 606, BS6883, IEC60092-350 series)  
GEXOL® IEEE 1580 Power, Control and Instrumentation (LV).  
HV power cables and accessories  
Data cables (LAN, fieldbus, coax and fiber)  
Service loops  
Offshore Bridles and Over Water Umbilicals  
Variable Frequency Drive cables  
ICEFLEX® cables  
Onshore - Petrochemical  
Market challenges  
Success stories  
Tüpras – Izmit Refinery project in Turkey  
Dunkirk LNG project  
IKRA project – RusVinyl in Russia  
Algiers refinery project  
Neftochim Burgas Refinery project Bulgaria  
Barzan gaz processing project in Qatar  
Inter Refineries Pipelines (IRP II) project in Ruwais, UAE  
Yemen LNG terminal project  
Dung Quat crude oil refinery in Vietnam  
Integrated Gas Development (IGD) project - Abu Dhabi  
Pearl GTL project in Qatar  
Petrobras COMPERJ complex (Rio de Janeiro)  
Upgrading of largest refinery in Kenya  
Upstream – Offshore Subsea  
Market challenges  
Nexans' answers  
Products and solutions  
Accessories and custom software  
Capjet® water-jetting system  
Market challenges  
Nexans' solutions  
The Capjet® system  
Selected references  
Cometa - energy  
Njord – oil & gas  
NorNed - energy  
Ormen Lange – oil & gas  
Riffgat - windfarm  
Sheringham Shoal - windfarm  
Tyra Kraka – oil & gas  
Direct electrical heating (DEH)  
Market challenges  
Nexans' answers  
DEH system  
Success stories  
Ormen Lange  
Dynamic umbilicals for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)  
ICEFLEX™ cables for rigs, platforms and FPSOs  
Maritime Local Area Networks  
Optical sensing cables  
Seismic data acquisition cables, oceanographic  
Submarine high-voltage cables  
Topside instrumentation, compensation, control, power cables and fiber optic backbones  
Transfer lines for liquefied gas  
Ultra-deepwater hybrid cables  
C/S Nexans Skagerrak cable-laying vessel  
Success stories  
BP's Valhall Power from Shore project in Norway  
Deep Water Cables for 7000m Seawater in the Indian Ocean  
Mexilhào gas field in Brazil  
Umm-Shaif Gas Injection Facilities project in Abu Dhabi  
Media Library  
Capjet trenching system  
Dung Quat crude oil refinery in Vietnam  
Electrical Heating Systems delivered by Nexans  
LNG terminal  
LSFH cables, NEK 606: 2009  
Major South East Asia development project  
OML 58 project, Nigeria  
Pearl GTL project in Qatar  
Skagerrak cable-laying vessel  
Spider dredging system  
Umm-Shaif gas injection facilities project, UAE  
Power networks  
Smarter grids  
Smart Grid solutions for Transmission Networks  
Smart Grid solutions for Distribution Networks  
Smart grid products  
Capacity increase solutions  
Reduce your environmental impact  
Solutions for monitoring  
Solutions presenting citizen benefits  
Solutions to enhance Distribution reliability  
Solutions to enhance Transmission reliability  
Solutions to increase and control renewable power  
Smart grids - Documentation  
Submarine High Voltage Cables  
Market Challenges  
Nexans' answers  
Submarine Cables 36-525 kV, technology  
Success stories  
Delma Island  
Koh Samui  
Safanyia land to platform connections  
The Skagerrak projects  
Valhall - Power from Shore  
Reliable Power networks  
Market challenges  
Nexans' answers  
Products and solutions  
Aerial Bundled Conductors (ABCs)  
Cable installation  
Cables & connectors for transformers  
Control, instrumentation, and coaxial cables  
Fiber optic data cables and accessories  
Microduct - Microbundle cables (24 - 288 fibres)  
HV underground and submarine cables  
Local and Wide Area Networks  
Low-voltage underground cables and accessories  
MV aerial cables  
MV and HV accessories  
MV underground and submarine cables  
OHL Monitoring systems  
CAT-1 Transmission Line Monitoring System  
Overhead lines  
Superconducting cable systems and fault current limiters  
High Voltage Underground Cable Solutions  
Market challenges  
Nexans answers  
Success stories  
Delma Island: longest XLPE 3 core submarine 132kV cable in one length  
Export cable for Rio Amoya hydroelectric dam in Colombia  
Longest 500 kV underground link between two Shanghai substations  
Nexans provides world’s longest superconductor to LIPA in USA  
State-of-the-art installation for the Abu Dhabi Electrical Authority  
Video gallery  
Aerial transmission network  
Market challenges  
Nexans answers  
Products and solutions  
All Aluminum Alloy Conductors  
Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported  
High Capacity Lo-Sag™: aluminum alloy conductor composite core  
Nexans advanced Aero-Z® design  
Pre-tested fittings and accessories  
Secure Cat-1 line monitoring  
Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced  
Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Reinforced  
Lo-Sag™: Aluminum Alloy conductor with composite core  
Nexans advanced Aero-Z® design  
Services - Full life-cycle maintenance  
White paper Asset Management Solution  
Railway networks  
Secure railway networks  
Products and solutions  
Communication cables and components  
Copper long distance communications cables  
Optical fiber cables  
Microduct - Microbundle cables (24 - 288 fibres)  
Power cables and components  
Fire retardant or fire resistant Medium-voltage power and feeder cables  
Grounding/earthing cables  
High Voltage and Medium Voltage feeder cables  
Power cables and accessories for medium and low voltage  
Safety cables  
Signalling cables  
Axle counter cables  
Urban mass transit  
Success stories  
BLS Alptransit - Switzerland  
High Speed Line (HSL) Zuid  
High Speed Lines - Italy  
Odenwaldbahn project - Germany - Deutsche Bahn  
Otogar – Ikitelli LRT Metro project - Turkey  
SRS13 Project - RATP - France  
Transrapid - Shanghai  
Video gallery  
Connecting and terminating cable  
High Speed Line Zuid project  
The DuoTrack solution  
The Incheon railway project in Korea  
The Lötschberg Tunnel  
Tunnel applications : High Voltage and Low Voltage cables  
Tunnel applications : Telecom and Radio Communication  
Tunnel applications: signalling system cabling  
Market challenges  
Nexans' answers  
Products and solutions  
Auxilliary equipment and systems  
Cable installation software  
Fiber optic accessories  
Fiber optic data cables  
High-voltage cables for transmission  
Local Area Networks  
MV accessories designed to reduce installation time  
Medium-voltage cables  
BS7870 - 4.10 19/33kv Single Core Un-armoured  
Overhead MV and HV conductors  
Special laying vessels and Capjet trenchers and Spider dredger  
Success stories  
Customer support  
Products & solutions  
Cable Tools  
MV book  
MV Cable Accessories Book Testimonials  
Latest News  
Exhibitions and seminars  
About us  
Medium Voltage Training Centre  
Products & solutions  
Cable Tools  
MV book  
MV Cable Accessories Book Testimonials  
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Medium Voltage Jumpers  
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