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Application OJC - Offshore Junction Cabinet


Application ONJC - Onshore Junction Cabinet



Unique Selling Points - OJC

  1. Suitable to be installed in the severe conditions of the transition piece prior to installation of the tower.

  2. Simplified interface management, clear division of responsibility.

  3. Distance involved between hang off and switchgear mean time/cost offshore for cable preparation.

  4. Pre-Terminated leads also saves space/complexity.

  5. Prepared and tested onshore, ready to plug and play.

  6. Project critical path activity, no delays for installer.

  7. Efficiency of operation which can be highly beneficial for planning the installation of the collector cables from the array, thus creating additional potential cost benefit.

  8. Accommodation offshore on the OSS maybe limited.


Onshore Junction Cabinet
For onshore renewable power parks, the onshore cabinet will be used as a disconnecting point for branching between grid and application. Applying this cabinet offers a cost effective solution compared with traditional substations, without losing the flexibility when working in the grids. The modular fiber enforced polyester housing is dedicated to be installed in outside conditions and is extremely user friendly when it comes to accessibility and maintenance. The cabinet allows for piggy backed solutions in a  double P2 arrangement.

• Up to 42 kV

• 630 A

• IP44 degree of protection

• Impact rating IK10 (IEC60529/EN50102)

Offshore Junction Cabinet
For offshore wind power parks, the offshore junction chamber will be used as a disconnecting point for internal tower cable to external subsea array cables. This can be used as a demarcation point between tower / transition piece / array cable related parties.
It can provide a convenient test point and can help with the earlier generation of power to help create revenue sooner. The marine grade stainless steel chamber is specifically suitable to be installed in severe offshore conditions. The split gland plates allow to use pre-terminated and tested jumpers, reducing the installation time and increasing the quality of the installation.

• Up to 42 kV

• 630 A (900 A) (1250 A)

• Robust design with IP66 degree of protection (BS EN 60529:1992).

Short circuit tested acc. to DIN VDE 0278-626-1(HD 629.1 S2:2006 + A1:2008): 2009-07: Thermal short-circuit 25kA/1s, Dynamic short-circuit 62.5 kA.


Offshore Junction Frame

For offshore wind power parks, the offshore junction frame will be used as a connecting point to the subsea arrays cables.


• Sheet materials: marine grade 316L stainless steel and A2/A4 grade fittings.

• Robust design with IP54 cat 2 degree of protection (BS EN 60529:1992).

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