480TB Product Release

Compliments our WINDLINK product range

Introducing the 480TB and 800PB

Nexans Euromold, the European market leading manufacturers of separable connectors and epoxy bushings, are pleased to announce the commercial launch of our newest product development, the Nexans Euromold 480TB separable connector.

It offers you more installation flexibility with a full choice of coupling connectors and the possibility to protect your network with screened, separable surge arresters.

Voltage Uo / U (Um)

Up to 20.8 / 36 (42) kV


up to 1250 A

Conductor cross section

up to 300 mm² (240 mm²)  

Partial discharge (<5pC )

42 kV

Power frequency withstand voltage

85 kV / 1 min

Lightning Impulse voltage (1,2x50 µs)

200 kV

Thermal short-circuit withstand current

30 kA / 2 s

Dynamic short-circuit withstand current

80 kA

The 430TB will remain in our product portfolio for many years to come, but we will give full support to the ‘8’ series: all new accessories (coupling connectors, surge arresters, larger cables, flexible cables…) and all new investments will be in the ‘8’ series.

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