Test Rod Kit

Nexan Power Accessories New Test Rod Tool Kit

 Our unique Test Rod Kit (TRK1) is ideal for cable testing, fault location and phasing checks.  Supplied in a hard wearing, foam cut carry case the test rods are protected from damage and kept secure for future use. 

Nexans Test Rod Kit comprises of 3 x 400TR’s which are used for post installation testing when utilising Nexans 400TB, 430TB, 434TB and 440TB range of separable connectors, with a torque wrench, sockets (22mm & 24mm) extension bar and a tube of grease.Connections may be made with a cable lug, a 4mm plug or spring clips.
Technical information:
The 400TR test rod can be used with 400TE, 430TB, 400TB and 440TB connectors.

The 400TR-LB is for use with the 400LB connector


CENELEC EN 50180; CENELEC HD 629.1; IEC 60137

*product can be sold individually.

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